martedì 6 ottobre 2015

America, Russia and Syria: conflict of interest

All of us know about the war in Iraq and Syria against the ISIS (Islamic State), and most of us know also that recently Russia joined the conflict too. 
Its first action has been the use of  fighter-bombers all over the region of Homs, officialy to "strafe" bombs on ISIS, but the America's intelligence - immediately irritated- showed that the reason behind the attack is different. 
It seems, in fact, that in that region other kind of rebels are settled, rebels considered "friends" of America, and useful to defeat Assad (Syria's president) - another enemy of US.
And so, the decision of Russia to bomb Syria looks driven by other interests.

But why Assad is considered an enemy of US?
Is he because committed several war crimes (like using bacteriological weapons against civil people)?
Or maybe because his Syria (friend of Russia and Iran) represent the only pass that Putin has to play some role in the control of Middle East?

Well... even if it's despicable what Assad did, and does to his people, it's obvious the real answer.

Here is a chess game between Mr. Putin and Obama to decide the future of Middle East -and inderectly of West. 

Obama was ready for a war against Assad already one year ago, but he has been stopped by international coalition; and Putin, on opposite side, of course would not accept to lose his only friend in that area, so he plays the part of protector of the syrian dictator.

The fuse of World War III seems too close to a blaze
What do you think?

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