venerdì 9 ottobre 2015

New shooting in USA

Shooting in US, again.
After the drama in Oregon, it is now time for a college in Arizona where a gun-man, in the backside of the Campus, in the parking space, shot at least 4 people: one fatality, three wounded
The shooter is now in custidy, luckily, and the campus is not on lockdown. 
There aren't further informations.

But what really matter now is to open a serious debate about arms' sales. 
You may love or hate Obama, and also cry after every single episode like this -that repeats with such cyclicality- but not doing anything about won't fix anything, like it won't fix anything speaking of Obama's armed bodyguards, and wanting him to renounce at his personal defense. 

If you were the US president, how would you face this emergency?

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